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Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

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Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:28 am

Hey mark,

I have installed v4.3.1 on my test site, to give it a bit of a stress test before running it live on the main site, and have a few questions/issues to resolve before I do, I know you’re a busy man, aren’t we all!!! But if I could get some help on the following would be much appreciated.

1. Upgrading
Upgrade from 3.x to 4.x, well after installing 4.x fresh and then importing sql database from 3.x, I found players/teams/fixtures etc.. All come across but had problems with teams/players and their profiles, I assume that in 4.x the comp/player/team info is treated differently than 3.x. because if player ID's etc..
I must admit, I am reluctant to upgrade because of this, as I have 100's of teams/players, and they would all have to sign up again and recreate teams etc... Which I know this will be a big ask, and know I would lose allot teams/players.

Q. Is it possible to get data from 3.x in successfully to avoid this?

2. [Main] – Feature
I personally liked the main page layout from 3.xx, with the games divided I found this to be easier to see at a glance as to see what comps relate to what game and visually looked more professional.
V4.xx strikes me as more of a slap together list of games with no obvious separation of the different games/comps.

Q. is it easy to make main layout same as 3.x or at very least get the games/comps divided with their own borders.

3. [Awards] – Feature/Bug
After doing a quick run through with test teams, I noticed that awards didn't work for a ladder Comps, which is the majority of the comp types I run, as I find these easier to admin than leagues.

Q. Can we have awards for ladder comps, for the top 3 ranked teams and the finish of the comp?
Most MOTM awards would be nice to see and medals for the most played fixtures by a player etc...

4. [Maps] - Bug
After creating a game - and using the Map/Locations function, then going to admin->maps and adding the maps for that game, I find that the Map drop box is empty when creating a fixture for any comp type, and will not let you make a challenge, error is : Not enough Map\'s for this Fixture!

They only list when auto setting the Generate Fixtures for a league, but same problem if manually setting up fixtures.

5. [Servers] – Feature/bug
This function works correctly as per the setup-game->Use Servers and admin->servers goes, but when League servers are provided and teams can select server when creating a fixture, I see a need for the ability to only select a server that is not in use a time of fixture. Drop box moves to next available server for that date/time period.

And if there are only 3 servers, can’t make 4 fixtures for the same time, as all servers are in use.

Bug – in league comps, Server info isn’t displaying in fixture detail.

6. [Create Challenge] - Bug/feature
This is one I have requested before, and was really hoping it would be apart of this version, and that is a time/date locking for fixtures, e.g. fixture can only be between 17:00 and 22:00 Mon-Fri.
Or that a fixture can only be on Mon, Wed and Thur. @ 20:00.

Also I noticed that teams can make a fixture outside start and finish dates.

I had a problem with this when I first started the ladder, as teams were trying to be funny and make challenges at 4:00 am, in which case I had to delete them, I got around this by writing in the rules penalties for making out side set hours, but still had teams making challenges at 8:00am instead of 8:00pm which seems to be a common problem and if I don’t pick it up and correct it, players get confused as to if fixture is going ahead or not at 8:00pm or if its cancelled.

7. [Decline challenge] - Bug
In a ladder comp when declining a challenge, it says challenge cancelled, and does not update the W/D/L/Dc table, nor take off the set decline points form the declining team.
It just cancels the fixture, as it should decline and leave fixture in fixtures table with a [D] status, and remove set points.

8. Table - Penalties collum - Query
I have never seen this working in a ladder; I’m not sure what this collum is for, in the Ladder table’s page. What denotes a penalty?
This collum has always read 0 for every team in every ladder I have run.

I think this should be for, if a team is penalised for have invalid players or has a player banned and loses points. The points in this list deducted from their overall point count, but not so it affects their ELO ranking.

Maybe also have the penalty points as a link to an info page on what it’s for as well.

9. MOTM – bug
MOTM doesn’t display in the view fixture screen, after result and MOTM have been entered, for all comp types. Also Ref doesn’t display for Elim, Knockout and League.

10. Fixtures List – bug

The Ladder Fixture table display order is upside down, currently newest fixture is at the bottom, as it should be at the top, and there should also be a date separation, for ease of viewing as it was in v3.xx.

11. Demos/Config - Bug
In both v3.x and v4.x, I have never been able to get uploading of demos/Config to work.

ERROR! Error Uploading File to /modules/Competition/demos/demo_2_15374.zip

This is the same for uploading of Configs

I have set the demos and Config folders to read/write/mod, and still get error.
I am using Server 2003, so CHMOD 777, which equals Read/Write/Modify I assume. Don’t really know Linux.
But anyways, I have even gone to the extent of giving these folders full and complete access, both in folder permissions and IIS, even tried giving the whole site full permissions and still no joy.
I couldn't get this working in v3.x nor can I in v4.x, so I don’t think it’s a write permission problem, as Internet quest can write to the folder.
Really not sure with this one!? And have run out of ideas on getting it working.
Would be nice to see this in the “my_site/uploads folder”, as this is already set to CHMOD 777, and is a default DF folder for such things.

12. Completed Table – bug
When viewing a completed Double Elim or Knockout tables, in the top right, standing table displays as 3, 1, 2

Ladder doesn’t display at all

League displays correctly

13. Ladder Setup – Feature
Sign-up start and finish date for the ladder comp.

14. Inactive Comps – Feature
I personally like having completed comps still list with the active comps, and display them as completed, or closed.
As guests will probably miss seeing how active a game has been, and only seeing one or two active comps.
I can see it now, getting a mountain of PM’s and Emails asking what happen to the comp, as people come to see who won the finals etc… for that completed game season. Not realising they have to click inactive to display.
Having only the one current active comp displaying for each game, makes the league look boring, and inactive!!!.
And I know people will miss it, because I did, when doing the test comps, not realising the end time had been reached, and the comps disappeared, I first thought is was a bug and took me awhile to catch on, on what happened.

Also a small issue with admins adding teams/players for a comp, When I was entering the results for the test Fixture, none of my test players were coming up, to be selected as being played or not for that fixture, and that was because in the user profile, the game wasn’t added!! That linkage is very remote!!,
As in who would think of that. That in order to record wether a player played a fixture for a team, they need to add 1v1 friendly game to their user profile, when they are a member of a team that played a fixture for that game in the first place.
And what’s adding friendly 1v1 challenges in your user profile, got to do with a team ladder fixture?
The only reason I knew that is because I’ve been using your software for years and know how you think, but for someone first installing your software would have no change at finding that.
Which is the same for adding teams to the league/ladder. That the team must add the game to their profile before an admin can add them to a sub comp although they are on the parent comp.
As where it should be that if a team joins a ladder/league that game is added by default, then they can select whether the want to accept friendlys or not.
Or maybe it should be they join a games rather than a league/ladder, and under that game, It lists all current leagues/ladder for that game, with a add team /apply button, as well as accept friendlys, rather than from the front main page.
once game is added, team is avalible for all leagues/ladders/sub comps for that game.
I think this also goes for players, that if there on a team that is has joined a game, then that player should always be on the Fixture result->played fixture list.
if they are not in a team, and wish to have a 1v1 friendly, which I doubt will ever happen then they can add the game to thier profile which should be seperate to teams.

Anyways for the Time being I really need to sort out 1. and 7. In order to upgrade and and get the next game seasons kicked off.
10. would be good aswell.
The rest is just aesthetics and general format corrections and can wait.

All that aside,
I hope you and your family had a good chistmas, and a good new years.

best regards



Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Tue Jan 01, 2008 1:15 pm

Well, that's a huge list which to be honest I've hardly got time to think about at the moment, so I'll try to address the main points and whatever else I can quickly answer.

1. v3 -> v4 is a major issue. I don't see it happening. For a start I'd need a large v3 database (which I don't have) to test with, and the process of testing this kind of thing is extremely labourious, it's not as simple as fixing syntax errors in code.

I really don't know what to say to this, because if I said "give me your database and I'll look at it sometime" I might mean Feb, March, who knows, it certainly isn't going to happen anytime soon because I know what a huge job it is.

7. The decline points should be updated (so that's a bug) but the fixture is removed by design. I'm not sure I want to change that, or why it would need to be retained, but I can look at the points bug, that will be trivial compared to 1.

10. Is not a bug, that's how it's meant to be. I could add an Admin option to allow you to specify reverse order.

2. The main competition page is sorted by Game and then by Competition, so not sure what you mean. There's less clutter, certainly, and it's more of a "list" approach, but I felt this was better for when you have lots of games and lots of competitions, and the way it's displayed now is how 3 other customers asked me to make it, so I'm not sure what to do there. The proper solution would be to template the module, but that's another mammoth task which I'm loath to undertake.

3. You're right, awards don't work for Ladders, because Ladders are perpetual, there never is a "winner" or a "runner-up" and the Ladder table already displays who's 1st, who's 2nd etc. The Award block would only replicate what's already on screen at any one time. Again, I don't see the need or relevance for awards for Ladders.

4. A new feature for v4 is "map pool". For each competition you need to select which maps are allowed to be played. There's an option to do this against the competition entry on the My Events tab. This was a requested feature and allows you to restrict maps to a competition rather than have the teams choose any map for that game.

5. Servers are just for reference, mComp has no concept of "in use" and no way to restrict which can be chosen. I might consider that for a future feature, but it'll require some kind of calendar table for servers. I have been asked for this by someone else, so it might make it in the next release. I'll look at the bug in the fixture detail.

8. Related to 7, if the decline points are not being calculated properly the penalty column isn't being updated either.

11. Uploading works, I've used it on other sites. Is your test site in a sub-folder?

12. I'll look at the Knockout standings table. Ladder's don't use it, as explained in 3.

13. Not sure if Ladders have a "sign-up" stage. They do have a start and end date. I can probably fix that easily enough.

14. Tend to agree with you about the inactive comps disappearing, again it was added to "de-clutter" a site with lots of games and competitions. Might make that an Admin option as to whether to hide them or not.

As for the need to add games to profiles, again this is a double edged sword. It's quite possible a team will have more than one squad playing more than one game. Is it appropriate to assume everyone who plays for a team plays every game the team is involved in? Answer is "yes" for some people and "no" for others.

Perhaps a compromise might be to add every game a team plays to every member as they join automatically, so they don't have to do it themselves. They can then delete the game from their game list if they really don't play that game for that team. It might also be an idea to add a game to a team when they join (or apply to join) a competition. I'll give this some thought, because although I hear what you're saying as far as confusing the player, it's a necessary control mechanism to prevent lists of teams / players being polluted with irrelevant data elsewhere.

Site Admin
Site Admin

Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Wed Jan 02, 2008 2:21 am

Thanks for such a quick response mark,
I know this is a bit of a list, but really not much considering I tested virtually every feature of the software, and that was the most I found, and most of it is purely aesthetics and my personal prefs', with really only 1-2 bugs, it is clear testament to the effort you have put into this software.

And after reading your response some of the issues make a bit more sense as to they way they are. Especially the add game to user profile, for I couldn't really think of a way around it either.

As far as upgrading, from v3 to v4, I think it too big of a job, and not worth asking you to undertake it, I'll think I just bite the bullet and start a fresh which would prob be the best thing anyways, as I have a huge amount of dummy teams/players in the inactive list which needs a good clean out.

So thanks again, Mark, Also if I can get a bit of time, I'd be happy to help updating the help documentation in knowledge base for v4.


Re: Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:17 am

7. Appears to be a bad link from the detail page, i.e. clicking the Decline button when viewing a fixture as opposed to declining a challange via the option in the team control panel.

8. Is a sympton of 7. The penalties column in the table is the number of points a team has been docked for declining challenges. Once they're actually docked points due to 7. being fixed, 8. should be fixed also.

9. MOTM / Ref names not showing is a bug in the fixture detail program also.

These 3 should be fixed in the attached zip file. Unzip this file and upload to "/modules/Competition".

Note : this fix won't retrospectively do anything about previously declined challenges of course, only those declined from now on.

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Site Admin

Re: Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Sun Jan 06, 2008 11:56 am

11. Demo / config bug

This one is caused by mComp not allowing for sites in sub-folders, i.e. sites that are accessed via "www.yoursite.com/folder/index.php" rather than "www.yoursite.com/index.php". This should be fixed in the attached files.

Unzip "adddemo" and upload to "modules/Competition"

Unzip "updateTeamGame" and upload to "modules/Competition/control"

Last edited by mark on Tue Jun 15, 2010 9:03 am; edited 1 time in total

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Site Admin

Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Mon Jan 07, 2008 2:25 am

Thanks mark, Much appreciated.

Decline is working correctly, and did remove the set points from the test team, but it still didn't update the Penitles collum, which is no biggy.

but unfortunatly, demos/config uploads still hasn't worked for me,
I am running root webs and not subfolders, but again this one is no biggy, and is something I'll play with a bit more, later when I get time.


Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:57 pm

4. A new feature for v4 is "map pool". For each competition you need to select which maps are allowed to be played. There's an option to do this against the competition entry on the My Events tab. This was a requested feature and allows you to restrict maps to a competition rather than have the teams choose any map for that game

I am unable to locate this setting under myevents in 4.3.1. Help!!
Multigaming leagues since 2001


Feed back on V4.3.1 from clanwars

Post Posted: Mon Mar 24, 2008 4:59 pm

Update: I just found it, didnt realise where to look Wink
Multigaming leagues since 2001

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