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2.6.1 - Ladder

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2.6.1 - Ladder

Post Posted: Tue Sep 13, 2005 8:00 pm

A Ladder is typically a perpetual competition in which Competitors arrange matches between themselves using a Challenge system. Some of the rules defined here only have meaning if other related rules are defined, and the entire Challenge system can be switched off via a global Module Configuration option as well.


Give the Ladder a name.


By default the Ladder is active, but set this to "No" and most of the remaining rules will have no effect even if set, and Teams / Players won't be able to Join / Leave or arrange matches.


You can select an image (stored in modules/Competition/images/events) if this is a Top-Level Competition.

Number of Teams

Depending on the "Competitor Type" selected on the first screen this field will be labeled "Number of Teams" or "Number of Players". It means the maximum number of Teams / Players that can take part in this Ladder. 0 means unlimited.

Minimum Players per Team

If the Competitor Type chosen previously was "Team" this field defines the minimum number of Players a Team must have in order to compete in this Ladder.

Use Tag in Lists/Tables

For some game types Teams use a "tag" as a shortname identifier. This field determines whether this shortname tag is used or the Team's fullname on certain screens (notably the Table and Fixture lists). The Team's fullname will be used anyway if no tag is provided.

Teams can Join

Can Teams / Players join this Ladder.

Teams can Leave

Can Teams / Players leave this Ladder.

Teams can Apply

Can Teams / Players apply to join this Ladder. Note: If this field is Yes the previous 2 fields will be set to No. Being able to freely Join / Leave or requiring Teams to Apply are mutually exclusive.

Challenge / Arrange Matches

Can Teams challenge each other.

Maximum Re-Schedules

The maximum number of times a challenge can be rescheduled. This will have no effect if challenge is set to No above, and you should also ensure this is set to an even number or else the original challenger may end up being penalised for refusing a rescheduled challenge.

Max. Challenges Pending

The maximum number of pending challenges a Team is allowed to have before further challenges are prevented from being made.

Max. Challenges per Day

The maximum number of times per day a Team can be challenged.

Challenge No. Teams Above

In a large Ladder, in order to ensure that strong teams can't manipulate their position by constantly challenging weaker teams, you can define how many steps above and below a Teams current position they are allowed to challenge. You could also force Teams to only challenge Teams above them, to ensure no-one picks up easy points by only challenging Teams they think they can easily beat.

Challenge No. Teams Below

Used with the field above.

Challenge No. Days Ahead

The maximum number of days ahead a challenge can be made.

Penalty Points

The number of points deducted from a Teams points score for refusing a challenge.

Sort Table By

Determine how to sort the Ladder table. The options are:-

Points - self-explanatory
Rating - a formula based on wins / losses and winning / losing streak
Win % - the number of wins as a percentage of matches played

Who can Enter Results

This field determines whether Teams can enter match results themselves. This would almost certainly be the case for Ladders but you can make it so that only Admins and Refs can do so if required.

Points for a Win

The number of points for a win.

Points for a Loss

The number of points for a loss.

Points for a Draw

The number of points for a draw.

Max Map per Fixture

If "Maps" are used (although they might not be called "Map" according to how the Game is set-up) this field asks for the maximum number of maps that can be added to a fixture. If maps are used then at least one must be added to a fixture.

Lock Rosters

This field doesn't actually lock a Team's roster, as a Team may participate in several Competitions, not all of which require rosters to be locked. What this does however is prevent Teams from joining a Ladder if set and they do not have enough eligible players to join. Eligibility being determined by join date using the field below.

Lock from Date

If rosters are locked this field determines that date prior to which players must have joined their team in order to be considered eligible to play for them. This field has no effect if the proceeding field is "No".

Starting Screen

On the competition view page there are several different views available, such as Fixtures / Tables / Settings / Rules etc. This field determines which is used be default when the competition is first viewed. Select an option from the list.


The name of the Administrator responsible for this Ladder. This person will be sent emails to their website account email address (if the global Enable Email option is set) for things like Applications and Conflicts.


The rules of the competition. This can be many pages of text, formatted with bbcode (if you're using DragonFly / CPG-Nuke).

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