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What is the Knowledge Base

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What is the Knowledge Base

Post Posted: Tue Sep 06, 2005 11:58 am

The Knowledge Base is a categorised searchable database of information, intended primarily to act as a replacement for the FAQ (frequently asked questions) module that comes with most Nuke distributions.

It has the additional benefit of using Categories and Sub-Categories to organise information. Each Knowledge Base entry can belong to a Category, and each Category can itself belong to another Category, even other Sub-Categories, and to as many levels deep as you need.

The Knowledge Base is searchable using the form on the main Knowledge Base page:-

You can search for specific keywords (although it doesn't (yet) use boolean operators like AND / OR etc.). You can specify whether these keywords should be contained in the article's title / text or both. You can also specify a particular Author (from those that have currently contributed Knowledge Base articles), and choose how many results to return.

Just click on the ID or title link from the list displayed to view the Knowledge Base article.

Articles belonging to the currently selected Category (category "0" for the main page) are listed underneath the Search form, and below the Category listing any Articles belonging to the currently selected Category. Click the Article title to view the Article, or click a Category title to view Articles within that Category, or any Sub-Categories within that Category. As Categories can contain Sub-Categories, which in turn can contain other Sub-Categories, the degree to which information can be logically organised and grouped is limited only by your imagination.

Copied from Knowledge Base, read the original article

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