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mComp v5.x - Latest Version and Change Log

Post Posted: Fri Oct 22, 2010 11:42 am


* Fixed bug in event update where it wasn't checking the user event flag before checking how many events the current user has created.

* Fixed bug in fixtures tab which wasn't showing fixtures from sub-events in a multi-stage competition.

* Amended logic in the tables tab when displaying a ladder so that a trustee / leader that's a member of more than one team can now make a challenge, by checking how many of those teams are actually in the ladder.

* Fixed logic in 'add fixture' program that was ignoring event rules relating to challenges.

* Removed date / time detail from email / pm notifications, as there's no way of knowing if they match the recipient's time-zone.

* Added global config option to set a group who can upload demos (i.e. a 'media crew' who are not players / refs or admins).

* Added event rule - auto-generate match password Y/N.

* Allow final + 3rd/4th place playoff in knock-out cups to result in a draw.

* When deleting a ban remove link type 2 as well as type 1 between un-banned player and any others he's linked to.

* Fixed bug where min / max map settings were not correct for Competitor -v- Environment events.

* Added event rule "number of unique maps" for UZ who insist each team can only choose 1 map per event.

* Added global config option for UZ, "IRC bot token", to ensure communication from their IRC bot is somewhat secure.

* Fixed bug in add fixture program, missing text string for an error message.


* Fixed bug (in common module) where timezone wasn't being respected in the Competition module.

* Fixed bug (in common module) where a re-named jQuery property affected how tabs are selected.

* Added facility (in common module) to have 2 or more instances of the comment box class on the same page.

* Added match ID to fixture detail page.

* Maps are now listed in the order in which they were added on the fixture detail page (rather than alphabetically).

* Fixed bug - show completed events on main page config option wasn't being used.

* Made applying XP an event specific option (if global XP is enabled).

* Added new event type: Competitor -v- Environment.

* Player Profile now lists expired bans as well as current bans.

* Added "admin notes" to team / player profiles (only visible to admins).

* Statistics page now includes data from sub-events when a top-level event is specified.

* Added "edited by" log entry for fixtures.

* Added option to disable country / flag selection on player profiles. Instead country codes are determined by geo-location based on IP address.

* Added option for player activity status to be dependent on ALL game ID's for a game being provided (as opposed to any, if more than one configured, previously).

* The feature added in v5.10.1 to hide tables for non-current stages in multi-stage events was impacting single stage events as well. This has now been corrected.


* Fixed bug in the update routine when upgrading from version v5.9.3 or earlier.

* Added option to make Game ID's mandatory and / or unique when adding / updating a game on a player profile.


* Exposed some options hidden for sub-events that shouldn't have been.

* Added start / end dates to sub-events, so each stage can have separate start and end dates, and using these values display only the current stage on the "tables" screen.

* Added more detail to the "Events" block.

* Added an "alias" table and config options so player alias's can be recorded and restricted (specify how many alias's a player can have and whether they must be unique).

* Ladders are now sorted in 2 passes, first the teams that have played at least 1 match are sorted, then the teams that have not played a match are sorted, so teams that have yet to play a match are always listed below those that have.

* To ensure teams that have yet to play a match can still make challenges the "number of teams above / below" rules are applied assuming the team is at least level with the lowest team to have played a match.

* Added an option for Ladders so that teams that have played less than 'x' matches only win or lose half the amount of points they would otherwise win or lose.

* Added an option for Ladders so that the top team can only be replaced at the top if beaten by another team in the top 'x'.

* Fixed a display issue on the awards screen.

* Added alternative layouts for knockout cups to display the gold / silver / bronze positions within the cup table.


* Fixed bug in result entry when entering a result as an Admin decision after a result has already been previously entered.


* Added facility to send messages to all or selected members of a team from the team roster screen (admins, refs and team leaders only).


* Fixed bug in deleting bans.

* Made enabling bets an event specific option (if global bets are enabled).

* Added new options for managing events where scores are recorded as times rather than numbers.


* Fixed bug in installer.


* Fixed bug when adding a PCW. It previously only checked if the dates supplied overlapped an existing PCW, not if they were exactly the same as an existing PCW.

* On the "games" tab of the player control panel the PCW search form no longer appears if the game rules or the player's preference is to not accept friendly (1-v-1) challenges.

* Added facility to link banned players, i.e. if a banned player returns under another name you can link the old and new player accounts and ban records.

* Fixed bug in Competition User Info block that was causing team / player control panel forms to misbehave.


* Fixed bug in the upgrade routine when upgrading from v5.6 or earlier.

* Fixed bug in result entry when player XP enabled.


* Added facility to change the number of teams in a knockout competition after it's been created and teams have signed up for it. Note however that it does this by deleting and recreating the tournament tree, so no teams can have been added to the tree or any matches played.

* Fixed bug when adding a PCW in some circumstances.

* Fixed bug in event scheduling screen (not displaying maps from the map pool).

* Fixed template de_8.html (8 team double elimination).

* Added Player XP system, award points for matches played, won, lost etc. and calculate a points score / rank for each player.

* Added feature to duplicate a competition.


* Updated to use Common module v1.2.5, and you will now definately have to upgrade to DragonFly v9.3 if you haven't already because Common hooks into DragonFly in a slightly less intrusive way.

* Added an option to prevent players deleting their own match media.

* Added an option to create a single schedule for all divisions of a league rather than have to enter a schedule for each division separately.

* Fixed a bug which prevented manually adding the "dummy team" to a competition more than once.


* Fixed template ko_64.html (64 team knockout).

* Added '&division=' switch to RSS feeds so their results can be limited to a specific division as well as specific event / game.

* Replaced the Log Entry block on the Player profile page with a simple Team History log.

* Changed the demo list to make the team -v- team column a clickable link to the fixture.

* Replaced the Demo block on the Player profile page with the AJAX loadable demo list, which means it's a self-contained block with pagination allowing you to see all demos for the player, even if there are 100's of them.

* Improved Competition-User-Info block.

* Completely re-worked / re-writen email notifications.

* Added the option to send a user / team a PM when an emailable event occurs (as well as or instead of the email).


* Added an event rule so that the 'home' team can be forced to schedule a match first. It was possible to abuse the reschedule system otherwise.

* Added 'from' and 'to' dates to the schedule table defining the earliest and latest dates a match can be rescheduled to on a round by round basis.

* When rescheduling the date entered is now validated against the 'from' and 'to' dates in the schedule (if it exists) or the start and end dates of the event. Previously it only checked the date was before the event end date, it didn't check it was after the event start date, and with these 2 changes you can now enforce 'match weeks' within which matches must be played.

* Added additional automation to the processing of knockout events. If the number of teams participating is less than the number of slots provided (i.e. 14 teams sign up for a 16 team cup), the remaining slots are filled by a "dummy" team, and matches created for them. These matches are "auto-played" whenever something triggers the cup table to be processed, with the "real" team automatically being made the winner. With the addition in v5.5.2 of adding sign-ups to a cup en-masse you can now leave a cup to pretty much run itself if so desired.

* Added a block to display teams looking for PCWs.

* Templated most of the blocks that come with the module.

* Added a wildcard system, which only allows a certain number of matches per event to be rescheduled, unlike the reschedule system, which allows any and all matches to be rescheduled. Note: if wildcards are used reschedules are not.

* Added a global 'rules' table which allows you to publish sets of rules that are not event specific. For example, you may run lots of Cups with the same rules, rather than copy / paste the same text to the rules field on the event set-up page you can write one set of rules and they will be viewable on a separate rules page.

* This version of mComp now requires DragonFly v9.3 (the latest version), although this is only because it is bundled with the Common module v1.2.4, which requires DragonFly v9.3. If you don't want to update your version of DragonFly you can still use this package, however you will need to upload all the files it contains and then re-upload the Common module v1.2.3.

Note: as this is a minor version upgrade you'll need to upload all the files, go to Admin -> Modules, click the edit link for the Competition module, and then click Upgrade to 5.7.


* The option to un-accept an accepted match now appears for league matches as well as ladders.

* The auto-generate match function can now be run for a specific division for leagues.

* Fixed bug in upload process when adding a game config.

* Finally added the option to rate a config (the fields have been there since day 1, just never added the code!).

* Added a PCW search feature, where teams can indicate they're available for PCWs from their control panel (including for which game and starting date / time, from / to + notes), and that information can be searched by teams looking for PCWs.

Note: as this is a minor version upgrade you'll need to upload all the files, go to Admin -> Modules, click the edit link for the Competition module, and then click Upgrade to 5.6.


* The validation when creating a match to check the date isn't later than the event end date wasn't working. Does now.


* Fixed bug where the "Teams can Apply" option wasn't being saved for knockout competitions.

* Made the "Who can enter Results" option available for all event types.

* Re-structured the knockout templates and added 64 slot knockout and double elimination.

* Fixed bugs in generate matches and auto-generate next matches for knockouts.

* Streamlined adding teams to tables for sign up events. Previously you had to approve a sign up before the team appeared in the list of eligible teams when adding them to a table. Now you can add them as soon as they've signed up and they will be automatically approved as a result.

* Added validation when creating a match to check the date isn't later than the event end date.

* Fixed minor bug when adding sub-events under some circumstances.

* Fixed fixture tab layout when there are sub-events.

* Changed the auto-forum creation process so that it only activates for top level events.

* Added an option to add teams to the sign-up list from the Sign-Ups tab (so admins can sign teams up if they're too lazy to do it themselves).

* Added an "Add to Tables" function on the Sign-Ups tab to add all teams in the sign-up list to the table in one go, so the admin doesn't have to add them one at a time. Only applies to Knockout competitions.

* Fixed bug whereby the "rules" tab was referencing the wrong AJAX file (and so rules weren't being displayed).

* Various code / template changes to accomodate new AJAX pagination routine in the "Common" module. As such requires Common v1.2.2 at least (included with this package).


* Fixed bug in betting system when the amount won = zero counted as a loss. This happened when only 1 person placed a bet on a match. Amount won = zero now counts as a win.

* Added logging of result entry showing who entered a result and when (and for challenges who confirmed the result) on the match detail page.

* Added when viewing an event currently in the sign-up phase the Sign-Ups tab becomes the default rather than whatever is specified in the event set-up.

* Fixed a database error when a player joins a team and the team name contains a '.

* Fixed bug on the player list page where the ID pop-up box wasn't showing when a player played more than 1 game.

* Added facility to upload images for games, events and maps (previously they had to be uploaded separately via FTP).

* Added config options to set max. image sizes for the new uploadable image types.

* Removed the Sign-Ups tab from My Events and added the functionality it contained to the Teams/Sign-Ups tab on the public Competition page.

* Added the option for Teams who've signed up to a Competition to "un-sign" themselves, i.e. cancel their sign-up should they decide after signing up that they can no longer play in that Competition.

* Added logging of Sign-Ups and Sign-Ups accepted / rejected / cancelled.

* Added a new field to the event record, Sub-Name, for events which are not top level. So a top level event could be "My Super Cup", for example, and a sub-event could be "Stage 1" and would then display as "My Super Cup - Stage 1".

* Various code and template changes to tidy up displaying events with more than 1 stage.

* Changed the remove / edit functions on the main event page to use AJAX dialog boxes.

* Added a global config option to limit the number of concurrent events users can create (if they're allowed to create any).

* Added an option whereby a new forum can be created when a new event is created. The forum name is the event name, and it uses default permissions. The forum is not deleted however if / when the event is deleted.

* Added a team / player "status points" system whereby a team / player starts with 6 (configurable) status points, which can be deducted for infractions or whatever other reason the admins decide. For each event the status points a team / player must have to participate can be set, thereby preventing them from joining the event if they have previously been deducted points.

* Fixed bug whereby "number of teams/players" in the event rules was not being obeyed when teams/players joined/signed up.

* Added options to accept / un-accept a match in the edit fixture program.

* Changes to challenge accept / scheduling system so teams can't go straight to reschedule without choosing maps first (if applicable).


* Added option to sort league tables by points then head to head results.

* Added option to hide map choices on scheduled fixtures until both teams have chosen a map.


* Updated the 'Common' module to use jQuery v1.5, which supports 'live','change', unlike v1.3, and puts all ui functions into a single (minimized) .js file.

note: you will need to upgrade Common to use this version. Go to Admin -> Modules, click edit for the Common entry and then click Upgrade to 1.1.

* Re-coded all templates to use the jQuery UI CSS framework rather than DF styles. Might mean some customisation of the jQuery UI is necessary but it makes everything the same as previously some stuff (for technical reasons) was using the jQuery UI CSS framework, and other stuff wasn't.

* Started re-organising AJAX code, the aim being to make all content loaded via AJAX into 'components' that can be loaded independently of their host page.

* Fixed bug in edit fixture program when removing and re-adding an opponent.

* Fixed bug in the email sent when a match is scheduled or reschedulded.

* Added option to bet on a draw.

* Added game, event and division IDs to the betting record so that bets can be listed per event, and a new tab added to the event page to list them.

* Added 'minimum balance' figure to global config which if a players betting balance falls below will give them 'starting balance' again.

* Fixed bug in the betting system whereby you could still place bets if the value of outstanding bets took your balance to below (but not equal to) zero.

* Fixed bug on player profile page where the GUID was not showing full detail if more than 1 GUID configured.


* Fixed database error when auto-generating fixtures where teams play each other twice in a season.

* Fixed odd error in the Competition-User block where it seemed to be getting confused over whether the user was logged in or not.

* Fixed pagination error on the "Demo" tab of the Team profile page.


* Fixed bug in the confirm result program that was leading to scores not being confirmed properly in certain circumstances.

* Fixed bug in the fixtures tab of the main competition page where it still wasn't showing scores correctly if round based scoring was being used.


* Minor bug in the betting system, you could end up with a balance of less than $1 and find yourself not able to bet. You can now bet anything down to $0.01.

* When using the "Replace Team" feature in a competition it now deletes associated data such as players / bets / media etc.

* Fixed bug in the confirm result program whereby it was displaying Team A's score for both Team A and Team B.

* Fixed bug in fixture detail page where the score was always displayed as if map scoring was being used even if you're using total rounds.


* Fixed a bug where references to the old awards table were left over in some functions causing database errors.


* Revamped the Log system, imported Fixture Reschedule History into the Log file and dropped the History file (no point having 2 log files when 1 will do), added profile update as a log event, added Log tabs to Event / Team / Player pages.

* Fixed bug in the ban list page whereby sort options were not being respected by the pagination links.


Fixed bug in the installer.


* Fixed a (sort of) bug in the betting system whereby you could appear to bet more than once on a match by having more than one window / tab open. Although you couldn't (bet more than once) the match detail page was not updating properly to reflect this, it does now.

* Fixed a bug in Event setup where reducing the number of teams / players in a division removed teams / players if there were empty slots in the division. Now it removes the empty slots first, if any exist, before removing teams / players.

* Fixed a bug in the Team Results tab where changing the number of fixtures to display didn't reload the Results tab.

* Fixed the Ladder table display to show a challenge icon for Arrangers (it was only being displayed for Trustees).

* Changed the Update Team Profile program so as not to allow a blank team name.

* Added a confirmation question when promoting another player to Team Leader, as the current Leader will be demoted to Trustee and the action is not reversable (because Trustee's can't promote themselves to Leader).

* Added RSS feeds for Next / Recent matches and links on the main Competiton and Team Results pages.

* Added an improved Awards system, whereby custom awards can be created and assigned to teams / players manually.


* Fixed bug in the betting system (draws being counted as losses)

* Modified public ban list so that it can be sorted by columns

* Modified admin log list so it can be filtered by type of log entry


Initial release of the v5.x series of mComp

Major Changes for v5.x

Uses a dependent module called "Common" to provide some of the core functionality that will in due course also be used in other 'm' series modules available from CMSDreams.

The "Common" module hooks into the DragonFly core (hence the need to replace core files) in order to provide AJAX / web 2.0 style functionality based on the jQuery Javascript framework. Some of this functionality, but not all, is used in mComp, such as AJAX tabs, AJAX comments and AJAX pop-up boxes.

Changes to the Competition system specifically include :-

* Event specific templates for Ladders / Leagues / Cups

* Ability to use the same map more than once on a fixture

* Ability to create and auto-generate fixtures with no maps selected and let the teams choose however many the event requires.

* Much improved challenge / scheduling system.

* A betting system.

* Ability for players (or all website members) to vote on Player of the Match.

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