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1.0 - mKnow Features

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1.0 - mKnow Features

Post Posted: Tue Aug 01, 2006 11:58 pm

mKnow is a powerful Content Management system for DragonFly websites. It began life as a Knowledge Base and that is still probably it's primary purpose, but it can also be used for many other purposes, such as a traditional FAQ system, as a Content module, as a Cataloging system, as a Reviews module, as a straight forward publishing system etc.

Some of mKnows key features are:-

* Categories:- Each Article can belong to a Category and each Category can be a sub-Category of any other Category, including other sub-Categories, down to as many levels deep as you need.

* Custom Fields:- You can add additional fields to each entry in the system, based on a wide range of different data types. You can add as many fields as you like enabling you to record as much structured data as you need.

* Permissions:- mKnow has a comprehensive permission system enabling individual permissions to be set for each Category, including an option to hide them from users without the appropriate permission. These permissions can be based on individual users or DragonFly Groups.

* Multiple Installations:- mKnow can be installed 2 or more times on the same website, enabling you to not only use it for whatever purpose you see fit but to use it for several different purposes on the same site. You could for instance have an FAQ module, a Content module, a Reviews module and an Article database, all on the same site using the same single core module, mKnow!

* Templates:- mKnow is fully templated enabling precise customisation of the appearance of the module. Indeed you can hide / remove certain elements by simply editing the templates, in addition to all the customisation possible within the module itself.

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Re: 1.0 - mKnow Features

Post Posted: Thu Nov 16, 2006 7:06 pm

Hi, I am Newbiie to Php Programming. I am running this website vtuonline.com. I have installed mkow and it is wonderful. I specially love the categorisation feature. I have a suggestion:
1) The currnt email feature allows us to mail only the link. I would like to send this link in a customised template intead of just as a single link in the entire message body. The mail then would look more official not like spam. I would like to suggest the email feature be made as in Coppermine with receiver knowing who sent the mail[again, not having this makes the mail look like spam], i.e add a from name and address field in the send mail form.

I tried reverse engineering coppermine email feature into mknow, but could not. i just got too confused.

Can u please help me out with this.

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