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mComp v5.10.1 released

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mComp v5.10.1 released

A new version of mComp has been uploaded, free to all existing customers from the private forum area.

This is a minor version number update, so you'll need to do an upgrade through Admin -> Modules. As always please make sure you have backups of all your code and your database before applying this upgrade so you can put things back as they were if it goes wrong.

Changelog :-

  • Exposed some options hidden for sub-events that shouldn't have been.
  • Added start / end dates to sub-events, so each stage can have separate start and end dates, and using these values display only the current stage on the "tables" screen.
  • Added more detail to the "Events" block.
  • Added an "alias" table and config options so player alias's can be recorded and restricted (specify how many alias's a player can have and whether they must be unique).
  • Ladders are now sorted in 2 passes, first the teams that have played at least 1 match are sorted, then the teams that have not played a match are sorted, so teams that have yet to play a match are always listed below those that have.
  • To ensure teams that have yet to play a match can still make challenges the "number of teams above / below" rules are applied assuming the team is at least level with the lowest team to have played a match.
  • Added an option for Ladders so that teams that have played less than 'x' matches only win or lose half the amount of points they would otherwise win or lose.
  • Added an option for Ladders so that the top team can only be replaced at the top if beaten by another team in the top 'x'.
  • Fixed a display issue on the awards screen.
  • Added alternative layouts for knockout cups to display the gold / silver / bronze positions within the cup table.

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Wed May 08, 2013 2:18 am

Game ID's can be duplicated or added to profile without text ?

Thu May 09, 2013 9:25 am

Sorry, I haven't done anything different with game IDs, this release was a bit rushed in order to get certain changes done for certain people. There's a bug in the update program as it happens so maybe wait for v5.10.2, and I'll add the option to make Game IDs unique.