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mComp v5.9.1 released

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mComp v5.9.1 released

A new version of mComp has been uploaded, free to all existing customers from the private forum area.

This is a minor version number update, so you'll need to do an upgrade through Admin -> Modules. As always please make sure you have backups of all your code and your database before applying this upgrade so you can put things back as they were if it goes wrong.

Changelog :-


  • Fixed bug in deleting bans.
  • Made enabling bets an event specific option (if global bets are enabled).
  • Added new options for managing events where scores are recorded as times rather than numbers.

  • Fixed bug in installer.

  • Fixed bug when adding a PCW. It previously only checked if the dates supplied overlapped an existing PCW, not if they were exactly the same as an existing PCW.
  • On the "games" tab of the player control panel the PCW search form no longer appears if the game rules or the player's preference is to not accept friendly (1-v-1) challenges.
  • Added facility to link banned players, i.e. if a banned player returns under another name you can link the old and new player accounts and ban records.
  • Fixed bug in Competition User Info block that was causing team / player control panel forms to misbehave.

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