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mComp v5.7.3 released

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mComp v5.7.3 released

A new version of mComp has been uploaded, free to all existing customers from the private forum area.

Although this is only a code update please make sure you have backups of all your code and your database before applying the update so you can put things back as they were if it goes wrong.

  • Updated to use Common module v1.2.5, and you will now definately have to upgrade to DragonFly v9.3 if you haven't already because Common hooks into DragonFly in a slightly less intrusive way.
  • Added an option to prevent players deleting their own match media.
  • Added an option to create a single schedule for all divisions of a league rather than have to enter a schedule for each division separately.
  • Fixed a bug which prevented manually adding the "dummy team" to a competition more than once.

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