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mComp v5.7.2 released

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mComp v5.7.2 released

A new version of mComp has been uploaded, free to all existing customers from the private forum area.

Although this is only a code update please make sure you have backups of all your code and your database before applying the update so you can put things back as they were if it goes wrong.

  • Fixed template ko_64.html (64 team knockout).
  • Added '&division=' switch to RSS feeds so their results can be limited to a specific division as well as specific event / game.
  • Replaced the Log Entry block on the Player profile page with a simple Team History log.
  • Changed the demo list to make the team -v- team column a clickable link to the fixture.
  • Replaced the Demo block on the Player profile page with the AJAX loadable demo list, which means it's a self-contained block with pagination allowing you to see all demos for the player, even if there are 100's of them.
  • Improved Competition-User-Info block.
  • Completely re-worked / re-writen email notifications.
  • Added the option to send a user / team a PM when an emailable event occurs (as well as or instead of the email).

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