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mComp v5.7.1 released

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mComp v5.7.1 released

A new version of mComp has been uploaded, free to all existing customers from the private forum area.

This is a minor version number update, so you'll need to do an upgrade through Admin -> Modules. As always please make sure you have backups of all your code and your database before applying this upgrade so you can put things back as they were if it goes wrong.

Changelog :-

  • Added an event rule so that the 'home' team can be forced to schedule a match first. It was possible to abuse the reschedule system otherwise.
  • Added 'from' and 'to' dates to the schedule table defining the earliest and latest dates a match can be rescheduled to on a round by round basis.
  • When rescheduling the date entered is now validated against the 'from' and 'to' dates in the schedule (if it exists) or the start and end dates of the event. Previously it only checked the date was before the event end date, it didn't check it was after the event start date, and with these 2 changes you can now enforce 'match weeks' within which matches must be played.
  • Added additional automation to the processing of knockout events. If the number of teams participating is less than the number of slots provided (i.e. 14 teams sign up for a 16 team cup), the remaining slots are filled by a "dummy" team, and matches created for them. These matches are "auto-played" whenever something triggers the cup table to be processed, with the "real" team automatically being made the winner. With the addition in v5.5.2 of adding sign-ups to a cup en-masse you can now leave a cup to pretty much run itself if so desired.
  • Added a block to display teams looking for PCWs.
  • Templated most of the blocks that come with the module.
  • Added a wildcard system, which only allows a certain number of matches per event to be rescheduled, unlike the reschedule system, which allows any and all matches to be rescheduled. Note: if wildcards are used reschedules are not.
  • Added a global 'rules' table which allows you to publish sets of rules that are not event specific. For example, you may run lots of Cups with the same rules, rather than copy / paste the same text to the rules field on the event set-up page you can write one set of rules and they will be viewable on a separate rules page.
  • This version of mComp now requires DragonFly v9.3 (the latest version), although this is only because it is bundled with the Common module v1.2.4, which requires DragonFly v9.3. If you don't want to update your version of DragonFly you can still use this package, however you will need to upload all the files it contains and then re-upload the Common module v1.2.3.

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