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Website upgraded to DragonFly v9.3

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Website upgraded to DragonFly v9.3

I've upgraded the website to the latest version of DragonFly, v9.3. Apparently this is the last version in the v9.x series before v10 appears (though when that may be no-one knows).

As this site uses my own custom modules and theme, and is quite far removed from anything resembling a "default" DragonFly installation, I was a bit nervous doing the update, however it was surprisingly painless and apart from a minor tweak to the common module it appears to have worked perfectly.

In the next few days I'll be updating mComp to use DragonFly v9.3 as there is a rather fundamental, if simple, modification to the common module required for the new version. In the meantime if you have DragonFly v.9.2.x or earlier stick with your current version of mComp. The up-coming v5.7.1 will require DragonFly v9.3.x.

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