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05.07 Events - My Events - Add Competition - Step 3/4 - Schedule

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05.07 Events - My Events - Add Competition - Step 3/4 - Schedule

For leagues and cups you can define a schedule which specifies which maps are played at each stage of the competition and the date / time at which each stage is to be played. You can edit the schedule from the "My Events" page by selecting the "Schedule" option for each competition however for most competition types where a schedule can be defined the Schedule page appears during the set-up phase.

For%20each%20stage%20of%20the%20competition%20select%20a%20date%20/%20time%20and%20which%20map%20or%20maps%20are%20to%20be%20be%20played.%20The%20map%20choices%20displayed%20will%20be%20those%20defined%20in%20the%20Map%20Pool%20for%20this%20competition.%20If%20you%20wish%20teams%20to%20schedule%20their%20own%20matches%20and%20choose%20their%20own%20maps%20you%20can%20leave%20the%20map%20selection%20empty. Once%20you%20have%20defined%20a%20schedule%20you're%20asked%20whether%20you%20want%20to%20generate%20fixtures%20:-

Note: selecting "Yes" will delete any existing fixtures for the competition, so you should only do this before the competition starts.

If you're doing this before any teams / players have been added to the competition nothing will happen, so you might want to click "No" initially then come back to this screen (by selecting "Schedule" from "My Events") once all teams have been added.

Clicking "Yes" will create all the fixtures for all the teams / players in this competition. For Leagues this means all the fixtures for the entire competition, for Cups it will only create the fixtures for the 1st round (because it won't know who's playing who in the 2nd and subsequent rounds).

Note: If you define a schedule for a Cup before adding teams / players, 1st round fixtures will be automatically created for the 1st round for each pair of teams / players added as they're added, so you won't need to revisit this page and select the Generate Fixtures option.

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