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01.02 Installation - mComp

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01.02 Installation - mComp

Once you have installed DragonFly and configured it according to your needs if applicable you can now install mComp.

On purchasing the module you should have received a link to download the mComp package, which comes as a single .zip file. Download and unzip this package, and upload the contents of the html folder to your website.

mComp actually consists of 2 modules, one called Common and the other called Competition. You will need to install both modules separately as DragonFly doesn't support module dependencies.

Installing a DragonFly module is straight forward. Go to your Admin panel and select the Modules icon. Click the Install link next to Common and then the install link next to Competition. All the necessary tables for mComp will now be created in your database.

You will have to activate both of these modules to use them. You can save activating the Competition module until you've configured it to your preference, but you must activate Common before doing anything in Competition.

As far as installation is concerned, that's all there is to it! The next step is to configure the module and set up some base information.

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